Reviver is brand dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional textile handicrafts in India. We focus on reviving textile crafts and re-introducing India's rich textile heritage to future generations. Collaborating with skilled artisans and employing sustainable production methods, Reviver produces top-quality, ethically-made products that are both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant. Our mission is to support the continued thriving of traditional textile crafts and ensure that the artisans behind them receive fair compensation for their skills

The Problem

As technology and factories grow, handmade textiles are losing relevance to cheaper, mass-produced imitations of handloom textiles. Artisans struggle to sell their unique creations.

Some textile artisans are may be exploited by middlemen who pay them low wages for their work. This can make it difficult for artisans to earn a fair wage for their skills and can perpetuate poverty.

Indian handloom weavers encounter obstacles like material shortages, credit gaps, power loom competition, infrastructure, and capital.

What We Do

Promoting sustainability in textile crafts through eco-friendly materials and waste reduction, raising awareness, and backing green initiatives. Empowering artisans with materials, tools, and training enhances their products and businesses. Partnerships and funding facilitate support. Upholding fair trade ensures artisans receive equitable pay and business aid. Featuring a diverse range of artisan-made textiles, from ethnic to contemporary clothing, on the REVIVER platform and promoting them globally amplifies business growth.

What We Offer

Mens wear                                                         Womens wear

At Reviver, we specialize in offering sustainable men's and women's wear crafted from handmade handloom fabrics. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in all our collections, promoting eco-friendly materials and practices. We proudly showcase a diverse range of artisan-made textiles, encompassing both ethnic and contemporary clothing styles.

Our Mission & Vission